Rise of the Snowmen. Do You Believe in Snowy and Bloody Zombies? Whatever You Think, They Exist

It’s a cute winter tradition, but some people mistake X-mas for Halloween and have sculpted these hell angels, but kids all the same like them. There are also some very creative ideas and they are sure to inspire you for next winter.


What are you staring at me for, idiot?

Where are Mulder and Scully?

Decepticon guard

Accidental victims

Look at me you, arrogant cat!


What is your blood-type?

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Call 911

Don’t eat the jeans


I couldn’t find the wooden stake


Run away, dude!

Burn this damned town

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Protect your kids

It’s too dangerous for you here

Hello, junky

Return to your family, Peter

You’ll be punished for this

Hello, alky

Can I help you, sir?

How do you like these snowmen? If you have the photos of your own white walkers, you can share them below.

What do you think?


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