See How Fantastic Childhood Can Be If Your Dad Is a Real Magician

Maybe Daniel Hashimoto is not a magician in its classic definition, but he is a wizard of After Effects at DreamWorks Animation. He says his son James is the greatest (all parents say so) and makes short movies about James’ adventures. Little James fights with angry turtles from ‘Super Mario’ and is pretty handy with a Jedi lightsaber. Every kid in the world dreams of taking part in an action movie, but only James is the lucky enough to have a dad who can make those dreams come true. There are two volumes of Action Movie Kid (this is the name of his YouTube Channel). By the way, it has almost 300,000 subscribers!

It doesn’t look like James and his dad are going to stop making movies together. There are so many scripts and plots for them to try. Maybe James won’t get an Oscar for his efforts, but Daniel obviously deserves a Father-of-the-Year Award.

What do you think?


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