Coffee and Cigarettes. 30 Symptoms of Finals Week Hysteria That Everyone WIll Recognize

You won’t understand it unless you’ve been through finals week yourself. It’s like a voyage between Scylla and Charybdis, meaning there is no chance of pleasant cruise. This is your final trial of the semester and you try to survive at all costs. It’s like a war without rules. Do whatever you can to stay alive. You’re in despair, you find out that you actually know nothing, and there is no time to make it up. So you’re in a panic, and worse, the whole library and everyone on campus is feeling just like you. But if you survive, you’ll be the wildest drunk in the world. Here are 30 symptoms of finals week.


1. You’re thinking of an easier job

2. Finals scare you more than winter

3. A hitman in your room wouldn’t scare you more than finals

4. You hate your professors

5. Upcoming finals crash all your plans

6. You believe that your brain will literally blow

7. Panic

8. Your campus looks like a zombie apocalypse

9. You’re loading too slowly

10. You have no time to sleep

11. You go insane

12. You lose control of what you’re doing

13. You fall asleep on the floor

14. You can’t think about anything except books

15. You drink only coffee

16. No makeup

17. You regret growing up

18. Stress is chasing you

19. You create insane posters

20. You wanna run away

21. You scream internally

22. You have so much to learn

23. The finals envelop you like a wave

24. Your highlighter is your best friend

25. You are searching for a Plan B

26. You start smoking

27. Plan C

28. You feel like Katniss

29. You are ready to kill anyone who disturbs you

30. You improvise

If you’ve got some horror stories from your finals week, you can share them below.


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