Adjust the Brightness on Your Screen. Here Are 22 of the Most Colorful Landscapes on Earth

Exploring these fabulous places is like watching full-color photos soon after the black-and-white pics. The difference is great. None of these glamorous Italian couturiers could invent such natural and awesome combinations. People usually look upon unknown destinations with suspicion, but these places, as you’ll see below, are sources of inspiration, even if don’t have a creative streak.


1. Terraced rice fields, Yuanyung province, China

2. Volcanic crater in Ethiopia, Dallol

3. The old city, Wroclaw, Poland

4. Mustard fields, Yunnan province, China

5. Lake Natron, Tanzania

6. White Mountain, New Hampshire

7. Rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, Gansu Province, China

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