10 Unbelievable Things You Can Only Buy in China

When you finish reading this article you’ll believe that everything is possible in China, if you have the money. You can buy corpses and excrement, air in Coca-Cola cans, and white men. Some of Chinese goods are so disgusting that you may hate this country. But people are greedy all over the world. Don’t forget that.


 1. ‘Panda’ tea

The Panda is the cutest animal ever, it’s true, but no one even pays attention to the fact that this tea is made from panda excrement and that the excrement is also used to enrich the soil where panda tea grows. You may laugh, but it’s the most expensive tea in the world. One kilo costs about 70,000 dollars and only the very rich can afford it. The first question is ‘Why?’ It’s believed that bamboo, which is a base element of a panda’s diet, prevents cancer and the way pandas ‘process’ it is extremely healthy. The factory that produces panda tea buys tons of panda excrement. And it seems to be the weirdest business-plan ever.

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