Stealing Beauty. Red Listed Wild Cats That Are Nearly Extinct in the Wild

Snow leopard

This albino-style cat is a desired trophy for hunters all over the world. Snow leopards live in the Asian mountains. This species is listed as endangered.

Eastern cougar

There are reasonable doubts about the survival of this wild cat. It’s believed that some individuals live in North America.

Florida Panther

Maybe there are more Florida panthers in the NHL team than in the wildlife. In recent years the population increased from 30 to 150 individuals in the wild.

Fishing cat

Fishing cats are distributed across South and Southeast Asia. They are called so because of living in wetlands. They are mostly nocturnal animals.

Flat-Headed Cat

The unique shape of the head determined its name. As fishing cats, they like swimming. There are less than 3,000 individuals left in the wild.

Leopard Cat

It looks like a toy leopard with head-body lengths of 15.3 to 26.0 in. They inhabit Central and Southeast Asia.

Marbled Cat

It can push its way down trees head-down like squirrels. With a long tail it resembles a snake. The whole population is estimated to be about 10,000 individuals. Marbled cats are small like the domestic ones.

Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger is one of the biggest living cats. There are about 400 adult individuals in the wild. They live in Far East Russia and are suffering the terrible hunting pressure.

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