Cigarettes in a Coffin and 19 More Iconic Packagings That Seem to Be Cooler Than the Contents

Never judge a book by its cover, but these packagings are truly wonderful. You’ll want to buy the items just because of them. There is no guarantee that the qualities of the contents are at the same level, but it’s worth trying at least. In some cases the packaging isn’t only a functional part of the item, but a piece of art as well. So, this post can be called a gallery of the best commercial designs. Free advertising is another benefit of these clever designs.

1. Baguette

2. BEEloved honey

3. Condom packaging

4. DemocraTea

5. Anti-smoke pack

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6. Dino gum

7. EarBudeez Rojo

8. Festina watches

9. Juice skins

10. Marvel store

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11. Milk

12. Nike Air

13. Norsk Ol

14. NYC spaghetti

15. Parmesan pencils

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16. Poilu paintbrushes

17. Salt+Pepper

18. Smirnoff Caipiroska peel-able bottle

19. Snack and drink for Nutella lovers

20. Spine vodka

If you’ve spotted some clever packaging on the shelves of your local store, take a picture of them and put the links below.

What do you think?


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