25 Smart Gifts for Your Kids That Would Definitely Be More Memorable Than Another Videogame

You remember the upcoming birthday of your kid, but you don’t have enough time to think of a meaningful present. And so you purchase the videogame that your kid wants. But is this the best present? The answer is ‘No’! You should give your kid something really cool (I didn’t say expensive) to help your kid to understand what really matters.


1. DIY phone holder


2. Embroidered portrait


3. False-bottomed photo album


4. Framed tickets from trips

5. Custom handwriting necklace


6. ‘Harry Potter’ chess


7. Illustrated travel guide


8. Imprint of old teddy


9. In case of sparkly vampires

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10. Interview


11. Family blog


12. Locked diary


13. Lucky keychain with two lucky pennies


14. Mom’s cell phone number bracelet


15. Money-box with a picture of the item your kid is saving for


16. Colored window frame with a picture of the kid


17. Personalized mirror


18. Personalized postcard pillow

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19. Personalized wooden hanger


20. Tea towels with your favorite recipes


21. Rings showcasing bits of the landscape in resin, engraved with the source coordinates


22. Snowball gloves


23. Soft toy copy of the kid’s drawing


24. Note to show when the kids can go outside


25. Ugly photo book

You’re welcome to add the memorable gifts you’ve presented to your kids. Or maybe you think that we’re wrong and the kid should get what he wants? Share with us below.

What do you think?


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