20 Things That Solo Traveling Would Discover for You

11. You’ll understand who the person you need is

Being far away from home, you’ll realize whom you’re missing most of all.


12. English is a universal language

So many people around the world speak English. Of course, most of them have such accent that you’ll have to adapt to understand, what they say, but nevertheless it’s cool. But in spite of this fact, don’t be lazy and try to learn the local languages. People are much friendlier to you, when you speak their native language.


13. You can trust your intuition

You’re responsible for yourself only, so you can try some risky things like trusting the intuition. Imagine you’re in a strange town and you don’t know anybody there. Relax and go where you think your marvelous adventure will begin. That’s the way to make your trip unforgettable.


14. You shouldn’t make the compromises

It’s a common problem of group trips: one wants to go there, another one prefers another direction. As a result there is always an argument and disappointed guys. But when you travel alone, you can quietly drink in the pub or party in the club. You can do whatever you want, exploring your inner world.


15. You don’t have to wait for anyone

Every person has his own tempo. You can get up and be ready to move in ten minutes, but your companion can’t do anything without a cup of coffee. This is annoying for you. It’s quite understandable. So traveling alone you can follow you routine.


16. Traveling alone helps to plunge into surrounding atmosphere

You don’t see even a half of interesting things around you, when you travel with friends. You’re deep in kidding and conversations. Traveling alone you can lose yourself in the atmosphere of the place. You get more colorful memories.


17. You’ll understand how to live spontaneously

Don’t you think sometimes that you are a slave of routine? You can’t break free, because you have to earn money and do other stupid things. But since you’re on vacation you can release the breaks and find where your real limits are. Don’t be afraid of yourself. You’re better that you used to think.


18. You’ll be braver and more self-confident

You’ll probably get into difficult situations traveling alone and there won’t be a more experienced friend, who will give you a piece of advice. You must make the decisions only by yourself. It’s cool, when you get used. Whatever happens you find the way out. It’s a good school for persons who lived with parents for the whole life.


19. You’ll learn to be selfish

Even if you’re the kindest person in the world and you spend all your time helping as a volunteer at animal shelter, you need to treat yourself on occasions.


20. You’ll know you’re really capable of

Maybe you’re the unknown superhero or the king of the party. You’ll never know till you try. Forget about the people that know you and the stereotypes they made up. You’ve traveled so far to rediscover yourself, so don’t care of what they would say about you.

If you’ve traveled alone and feel something like this, tell about it below. You can also add your own stories.

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