A Cruise Ship Parked in the Middle of a City and Other Amazing Finds on Google Earth

Using Google Earth you can explore your neighbor’s backyard as easily as a North Korean military base (but maybe the backyard is more interesting.) We agree that visiting breathtaking landmarks in person is the best way to see them, but if your budget is limited, you can try satellite tourism – like visiting The Roman Coliseum or The Great Wall of China – with Google Earth. Like Google itself, Google Earth has its own secret places that are compiled below.


1.Buffalo Herd. Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania.


2. Fighter Jets in Parking. California, USA.


3. Biggest Pool in the World. Chile.


 4. Man-Shaped Lake. Brazil.


5. The Hunger Games with Apple. Italy.

6. A Cruise Ship Parked Between Skyscrapers. Hong Kong.


7. Mysterious Concentric Cirlces. Colorado, USA.


8. Island in a Lake in an Island in a Lake. Canada.


9. Overturned Car. Germany.


10. Ape Face. Russia.

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