Reservoir Dogs: The 25 Most Dangerous Breeds to Stay Away From

Saint Bernard

This giant breed is used for rescue missions. Saint Bernards are very friendly, especially with children, but they should be trained.


American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a guardian and working dog for American farms. All bulldogs can be very dangerous when angered.


Gull Dong

A cross between Gull Terrier and Bully Kutta. It was bred as a fighter in Pakistan, so these dogs are extremely dangerous and not very friendly.



It’s difficult to believe that this breed could be dangerous, but Basenji are perfect hunters.


Great Dane

The record holder for the tallest dog in the world. The Great Dane was bred to hunt deer, but as we see here some of them lose this instinct.


Fila Brasileiro

Also called the Brazilian Mastiff, this is a large dog from South America. It is an agressive dog, which is why the Fila is illegal in many countries.


Perro de Presa Canario

A hard to train breed, it was developed in Spain for work. These dogs can be very aggressive, even toward people.


Akita Inu

This Japanese breed is smart and very protective of its territory.

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