How To Grow From A Depressive Nerd Into A Happy Person. Check Out This 20-day Course

Sometimes the way to change is much simpler than we think. There are days when you feel cornered and there is almost no hope. You don’t know what to do, because you think that you’ve tried everything and your strength is drained away. But you can always start from the small things and little by little you will find the way to break your circle of failures. It works only if you believe in yourself. This course isn’t a panacea, but you don’t take any risks following the advice and trying to change your luck in 20 days.

Day 1. Get rid of useless things. Do it without mercy.

Day 2. Repair all the broken things that you’ve never gotten around to.

Day 3. Create a list of 20 things that you like to do and do one of them every day.

Day 4. Keep a psychological diary where you write down all your feelings and thoughts.

Day 5. Try to split your sides with laughter at least once daily.

Day 6. Take the hardest book that you wanted to read, but always gave up on, and read it from cover to cover.

Day 7. Learn something new every day. It could be a capital of a country, a dog breed, or a color.

Day 8. Stop complaining for the next 20 days.

Day 9. Draw up your budget, counting every cent you spend.

Day 10. Pay in cash only and put the change into a moneybox, and after 20 days count how much you saved.

Day 11. Buy only the things that you really need.

Day 12.  Determine the unimportant things you’ve done and stop wasting time on them.


Day 13. Map out a plan of action for the next day each evening.

Day 14. At the end of the day, put you paperwork and work table in order.

Day 15. Eat vegetables five times a day.

Day 16. Drink juice instead of soda.

Day 17. Start going to the gym.

Day 18. Get acquainted with new people.

Day 19. Avoid emotional decision-making.

Day 20. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Live your own life.

There are many online life-changing courses, and if one of them helped you during stressful times, you are welcome to tell us your story in the comments.

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