Your Kids Will Think That You’re the Local Dumbledore When You Perform One of These 19 Kitchen Science Experiments

You don’t need to buy the latest video games to entertain your kids. Check out these simple experiments that you can do with your kids at home. Moreover, this house magic could help your kid to become a chemistry A-student. Maybe you’re bringing up a potential Nobel Prize winner. Working together on projects creates a wonderful atmosphere and can improve relationships between parents and kids. So scroll down and buy all the required components so you can get started today.

1. Baking soda volcano

2. Magic tea bag rocket

3. Chocolate slime

4. Rock candy

5. Invisible ink

6. Make an egg shell disappear

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7. Discover magnetism

8.  Cabbage juice pH indicator

9. Corncob popcorn

10. Water fireworks in a glass

11. Overnight crystal garden

12. Mentos candy and soda fountain

13. Grow a crystallized heart

14. Anti-gravity water experiment

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15. Ice cream in a bag

16. Cloud in a bottle

17. Walking on eggs

18. Change the color of flowers

19. Egg in a bottle experiment

If you know of any other spectacular recipes for in-house chemistry, share your project ideas below.

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