Don’t Open This Post in the Office, because These 30 Pictures Will Make You Laugh So Loud That Your Boss Might Fire You

Forget about the risk if you’re in a bad mood. These pictures will probably make you feel better. As you can guess, there are some cats, as well as young Jay-Z and Keanu Reeves (not sad). Scroll down and be optimistic.


1. The kid is punished

2. …no Jobs and no Cash. Good old humor

3. My precious Facebook

4. Meanwhile in Russia

5. Don’t say that it was meant to be so

6.  Point Break

7. Hell’s angel

8. Simple physics

9. Motherly love

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10. I’ve always known it, Keanu

11. M for Marketing

12. Good try

13. He can do this all day

14. Chase failed

15. And what about Yahoo?

16. Cat math

17. A good journey to you, sir

18. Old school

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19. America’s Next Top Model

20. Sad, but true

21. Pulp Fiction

22. Exactly

23. You are scaring me

24. She is just taking a picture

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25. Close enough

26. The battle for wi-fi

27. I hope I’m still anesthetized

28. See you in a century

29. People always complain about my bad handwriting

30. Bella, Mother of Dragons, and Breaker of Chains

As we know, laughter is the best medicine. Hopefully, this post has cured your spleen or Monday depression.

What do you think?


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