10 Real Stories That Will Make You Believe into Mysterious Coincidence

I have to confess that I didn’t believe in coincidences until I start working at this post. I know that there are more than 7 billion people on Earth and every second something is going on and all the coincidences can be calculated according to the theory of probability, but in spite of that these stories are still mysterious and fascinating. All of these stories have been confirmed as true.


1. Bulgarian thief

This happened in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thief Milko Stoyanov robbed a flat and put his ‘trophies’ into a rucksack. To make the things faster he decided to get away using a nearby drainpipe. There was a calm street below where no one could see him. When Milko was on the second floor, he heard the police whistles, released his hold of the pipe and fell down. At exactly that same moment, a random guy happened to be walking down the same street, and Milko fell directly on top of him. The policemen arrested Milko, but they were very surprised to find that the passerby was no other than another wanted thief. His name was also Milko Stoyanov.

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