Natural Born Killers: These Deadly Dangerous Animals Could Finish You in a Moment

Poison Dart Frog

Weapon: venom. Its poison is located on its skin, so the slightest touch could finish you off.

Range: Central and South America


Cape Buffalo

Weapon: horns and hooves. This animal kills more humans than any other in Africa.

Range: Central and Southern Africa


African Lion

Weapon: claws, tusks and giant size.

Range: Africa.



Weapon: venom. Victims die slowly and in agony.

Range: sub-Saharan Africa.


Puffer Fish

Weapon: venom. Puffer Fish is a delicacy in Japan, but the process of cooking is very complicated and every year gourmets die by intoxication.

Range: South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia.


Polar Bear

Weapon: claws, tusks and giant size.

Range: within the Arctic Circle.



Weapon: claws and tusks.

Range: Africa and Southwest Asia.


Tse Tse Fly

Weapon: proboscis, primary carrier of human sleeping sickness.

Range: Central Africa.

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