Maybe These Warning Signs Would Make Sense in Wonderland, but Definitely Not in Our World

Here is a common situation: you’re driving along the streets of a new town searching for a hotel. You follow the signs as every normal person would do, but in the end you find them so stupid that even preschooler could do better. Check out these mind-blowingly stupid signs.

Pennies are so pathetic

Ok, what’s next?

And tear off this stupid notice

Tell me how much and leave me alone


Amazing likeness

O sancta simplicitas

It looks exactly like I imagined

The day of pets’ liberation

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Fire exit for twins

The world will never be the same again

You shouldn’t speak his name

Brilliant for selfie maniacs

You’ll be an outcast anyway

Shocking Asia

You’ll be explaining this at court

Maybe it’s a facepalm

Cruel marketing

…and Jedis

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Give it to your mum

They don’t pick up after themselves, either

For those with a split mind

Fly down

It looks like a way to restrooms too

Where is the Detour?

They are pranking you

Montreal must be near the Detour

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And where is the Beware of Dog warning?

Oh, even in Venice…

Poor Lisa

No chance to survive

Harry Potter likes to walk here in his invisibility cloak

Here is a dog warning

What do you know about despair?

If you spot an idiotic sign during your next trip, you know where to post a link now.

What do you think?


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