What Are the Most Hated NBA Teams by State? Rediscover America with These Amazing Map Infographics

There so many amazing facts about the US you probably haven’t heard before. I can’t say they are vital, but I bet you’ll be interested to find out what the most popular models of stolen cars are in each state. Here is a mapped guide through US curiosities.

​The US at night

Seven Deadly Sins Map

A map of mythical lake monsters in the US

Horror map of the US

Household income

If US Cities Had Kept Their Original Names

A map of all UFO sightings in the US since 1900

Map of Rivers in the US

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Map of US Religions

Most popular movies for each US state

Most Stolen Car Model in Each State (2013)

Most hated NBA team in each US state

Most hated NFL team in each US state

Number of Nuclear power stations

Percentage of gun ownership

The most famous brand from each state in the US

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The most-listened-to artist in every US state

The stereotype map of the US according to British people

This map shows every area code in which Ludacris has ‘hoes’

Total number of bars

United States according to autocomplete

US map of the highest paid public employees by state

US size compared to the moon

The most stupid thing that could be typed in Google

If you can suggest some interesting data to turn into infographics, leave your ideas below.

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