These Natural Phenomena Are More Spectacular Than Hollywood Special Effects

Even the best directors and artists couldn’t imagine such amazing and breathtaking sights. It’s hard to believe that these weren’t made in Photoshop. Nature keeps on surprising, and our mission is to preserve this fragile beauty.

Red crab migration, Christmas Island

In the fall more than 100 million crabs migrate to the ocean to find a mate, making everything red.

Lenticular clouds

These unique clouds look like a conical hat. Often eye-witnesses think that it’s a UFO.

Fairy circles, Namibia

These mysterious African fields are termites’ doing. They pour soil under the circles and nothing grows there.

Tianzi mountains, China

They inspired James Cameron’s film ‘Avatar’. They are also called the levitating mountains.

Crystal caves, Mexico

They were formed many centuries ago when an underground spring had frozen.

Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

The magnificent colors of the water edge are determined by the bacteria there.

Sailing stones, Death Valley, US

Scientists don’t know exactly what moves these huge stones, but it’s believed that wind and icy surfaces caused this phenomenon.

Lake Hillier, Australia

One more unsolved mystery. Maybe bacteria are the first to blame when no one has a better idea.

Frozen trees, Finland

This is how trees look in Finnish Lapland.



These are water tornadoes that are believed to be the cause of many shipwrecks.

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Morning glory clouds

This rare type of clouds appears in Australia every spring. It looks like giant Adidas stripes that are extremely dangerous for planes.

Snow chimney

Volcanoes can freeze, at least over-ground. They smoke like Granny’s chimney.

 Volcanic lightning

It’s not a time machine bringing Terminators from the future, but volcanoes have huge electrical potential that can produce real lighting storms.

Bioluminescent wave, Maldives

Phytoplankton glows along the beach making a fantastic honeymoon decoration.

The Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan

This split was located in 1971 and since then natural gas inside has been burning constantly.

Mount Roraima, South America

It’s exactly what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described in his ‘Lost World’: isolated plateau in South America.

Glow worms, Australia and New Zealand

Wonderful bio-luminescent creatures turn wet caves into a fairy-tale route.

Socotra tree, Yemen

It’s one of the most unique islands on Earth. About 30% of its plants are endemic.

Underwater forest, Kazakhstan

These trees were flooded after tectonics in 1911.

Rainbow eucalyptus trees, Hawaii

They aren’t painted, that’s their natural coloring.

There are so many miraculous phenomena that are worth exploring. It’s like a trip through the adventure stories you read during your childhood.

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